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At Transcom Global, we specialize in providing translation, localization, and quality assurance services to the global life science industry. Our solution is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 17100:2015, and EN15038:2006 certified, and we have a deep understanding of the industry’s regulatory requirements and unique terminology. We offer high-quality translations at competitive costs and with industry-leading turnaround times.

Since our establishment in 1998, we’ve remained dedicated to meeting the industry’s requirements for uncompromising quality, rapid delivery, and cost efficiency. We take an agile approach to every translation challenge, ensuring that we meet your needs while exceeding your expectations. Choose Transcom Global for all your translation needs.

Why Companies Trust Transcom


We guarantee fast and accurate translations at competitive costs for medical, clinical trials, and pharmaceutical-related materials.

    • Transcom’s linguists, and medical and clinical personnel have developed unique translation methodologies tailored for clinical and medical documents.
    • We offer various, multi-phase, comprehensive quality assurance procedures, which include verification or back-translation, as per our client’s SOPs.
    • We are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 17100:2015 and EN15038:2006 certified, and have successfully passed several audits by major global CROs.

We guarantee quick turnaround, delivering quotes within an average of 2 business hours and translation of an informed consent form within an average of 4-5 business days; all delivered with our extensive quality assurance process.


It is a breath of fresh air to see a translation vendor stick to their timelines and be so collaborative! Thank you so much!!

Digital Implementation Manager, Global CRO

Clinical Trial Translation

Translating for clinical trials is our specialty

Our dedication means that:

  • All project managers and translators have a deep understanding of clinical trials

  • Local clinicians and medical experts from each country are involved in every project

  • We are experts in communicating complex medical information to patients

  • Our SOPs are ISO certified and specifically designed to meet industry requirements

Our expertise not only allows you to get the best available product, but also saves much of your clinical team’s time. They will no longer be required to explain, clarify and verify the work of non-specialized translation agencies.

Medical Translation

Specializing in translating documents produced by our clients from the life-science industry.

We support projects that exhibit varying degrees of medical complexity and Transcom is able to support specific requirements or meet any translation challenge. Transcom aligns the best combination of translators and medical professionals to translate your complex documents and materials, including:

  • Pharmacovigilance and adverse event reports
  • Drug labels and brochures.
  • Medical device operating manuals.
  • Patient-oriented explanatory and marketing materials.
  • Professional queries and drug FAQs
  • And many other materials.

Based on our suggestions and your requirements, we select the very best teams to deliver a top-quality translation quickly and efficiently.

“When we received the project timeline, we had doubts about whether or not it was feasible. Transcom met the deadlines (actually beat them), and quality requirements and exceeded our expectations on every front. Thanks to you the launch of the trial was a huge success”

Regional Start-up Director, Global CRO

Among Our Clients

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    I contacted Transcom requesting an urgent translation of a large quantity of documents intended for the patients. Since there was a significant delay in receiving the documents from the study sponsor, there was much less time left to translate the documents in order to meet the submission deadlines with the Helsinki Committee. As always, Transcom went the extra mile so we could meet the schedule and submit the documents on time. I would like to thank you for the hard work, the efforts and of course for the high quality of the translations.

    Start-up Team Manager, IQVIA

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