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Transcom is a diverse team of professionals who are committed to delivering exceptional service to clients and creating a positive impact on the communities they serve.

The team at Transcom is made up of skilled professionals located around the world. Our team is made up of local in-country linguists with extensive experience supporting clinical content, clinically-active, native-speaking clinicians, exceptional engineers, and layout specialists, supported by the best project teams in the industry.  The company has a culture of collaboration, innovation, and continuous learning, which empowers its employees to develop their skills and expertise.

Transcom places a strong emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion, and is committed to creating a workplace where everyone feels valued and respected. The company promotes an open and inclusive culture, which encourages employees to share their ideas and perspectives.

Working with us, you will find a professional team who understands your language and unique terminology, is familiar with the regulatory requirements and standards you are required to keep, and who are able to provide you with the highest quality of translation delivered at a competitive rate.

Thank you very much for your job! All requested translated documents have been submitted on time because of your help!

Clinical Operations Manager, Parexel

Our Founder and History

In 1998, Michelle Koriat founded Transcom with a clear vision and strong leadership. Over the years, the company has grown and developed into a unique enterprise that upholds the highest international standards. Michele’s dedication and guidance have been key to Transcom’s success. Michelle remains the owner and chairwoman of Transcom and provides strategic leadership, mentorship, and expertise to ensure that the company continues to deliver to meet the needs of the industries it support. 

Our Leadership Team

Michelle Koriat

Founder & President

Michelle Koriat is the Founder and President of Transcom. Her enduring dedication to excellence and unwavering leadership have been instrumental in shaping Transcom into an exceptional company that consistently upholds the highest international standards. As the chairperson, Michelle continues to provide valuable strategic and guidance to the executive team. Michelle’s commitment to the community is another defining aspect of her leadership. She established the First Hug Association, dedicated to offering emotional support to abandoned babies in hospitals. Her dedication to community service has earned her recognition through awards such as the President’s Award for Volunteerism in 2009 and the Minister of Health’s Award in 2010. This initiative reflects Michelle’s strong belief that businesses should be responsible corporate citizens and make meaningful contributions to society.

Matan Topper-Erez

Managing Director

Matan joined Transcom as an operations expert, after previously working in the communications technology industry. Bringing a fresh view to the industry on operations, Matan has been working closely with clinicians, life-science experts and clinical trial teams to create service experiences that combine scientific expertise, operational efficiency and top-quality customer service. Matan also leads Transcom’s marketing and sales operations, and has overseen the company’s expansion into new markets. He has worked closely with global pharmaceutical companies and CROs on creating and improving their multi-national translation activities and procedures and has published several articles on operational efficiencies in leading clinical trial journals. Mr. Topper Erez has a BA in behavioral sciences, specializing in research methods and statistics.

Eliran Matatya

Director of Operations

Eliran joined Transcom in 2015, and grew along with the company. Initially working as a Project Manager, he was then promoted to lead the operations team and then joined the Senior Management Team as the company’s Operations Director. He knows the company and its clients inside and out, and is a leading professional in the field of medical and professional localization. From his vertical familiarity with all phases of the operation, Eliran currently operates in the capacity of monitoring and optimizing the operation, providing support or guidance at every point in the process, regulating resources according to changing constraints, and using operational data as a tool to improve performance.

Gittit Dahan

Associate Director, Life Sciences

Gittit joined Transcom as a Project Manager in 2018, after spending several years in education and research roles. She has been quickly promoted and is currently responsible for employee recruitment, training, implementing work procedures, monitoring and professional development of employees and managers. With a strong background in relationships in organisational and employment relationships, Gittit introduced the company to the humane management philosophy, and utilises it as the best approach to reach the company’s business and professional goals while staying attentive to the needs of the individual employees. During her time at Transcom, Gittit has led several organisational transformation intended to support Transcom’s growth and continued development. Gittit has a BA in Social Sciences and an MA in Gender Studies.

Faye Milburn

Director of Vendor Management

Faye started her career in the translation industry as an in-house linguist, before moving into quality assurance and vendor management. Over the years, Faye has gained invaluable experience in life sciences translation from a linguist’s perspective, which allows for greater insight when managing our international vendor relations. Combining a passion for languages, interpersonal communication and problem solving, Faye continues to develop the vendor management team and strengthen relationships with our expert linguists. Faye has a BA in Spanish and Linguistics and an MA in Applied Translation, specialising in medical and technical translation.

Alejandra Galleguillos

Director of Operational Excellence

Alejandra joined Transcom as part of the Operations Team, and brings more than 15 years of experience across different fields within in the Translation industry. Alejandra started her career as a freelance translator, and progressed quickly to run a small translation agency. Her expertise include operations, vendor management,  recruitment and retention as well as client-driven customer care with major global brands. Having lived in several countries has helped Alejanra bring a global and culturally aware approach to management and develop top-notch skills when liaising with clients. Alejandra holds a MA in Technical Translation and a MA in Communication and Liaison.

Fabrizia Ciccone

Business Development Manager

Fabrizia Ciccone joined Transcom Global as the Business Development Manager with a mission to drive growth and expand the company’s reach into new markets. With extensive experience in business development and various roles in the life sciences industry, she brings a wealth of knowledge and a humanistic approach to all sales and marketing strategies. In her role, Fabrizia identifies new clients and collaborates with them to understand their requirements, ensuring a seamless onboarding process and handover to operations. Fabrizia holds a M.A. in Humanities and regularly upskills in marketing and sales through completing new courses. She speaks four languages and is enthusiastic about working with international clients.

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    When we received the project timeline, we had doubts about whether or not it was feasible. Transcom met the deadlines (actually beat them), and quality requirements and exceeded our expectations on every front. Thanks to you the launch of the trial was a huge success.

    Regional Start-up Director, Global CRO

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