Linguistic Validation

Providing End-to-End Support

Transcom’s Licensing and Linguistic Validation department is dedicated to helping our clients obtain valid and reliable assessments from patients: psychiatric scales, Quality of Life Questionnaires, and various other PROs.

Our experience in PRO implementation also offers valuable support for our clients when selecting PROs for their studies, offering a unique perspective about the availability of translations and their impact on study start-up times. Once a PRO is selected, Transcom’s expertise in copyrights and author outreach, allows our client to quickly establish contact with a PRO’s copyright holders to establish a license.

When translations are not readily available, Transcom can support the translation and linguistic validation of the rating instruments, using our extensive resources: local teams for every country and language, composed of native-speaking native-speaking clinicians, translators, back-translators and proofreaders.

With ePROs becoming standard, Transcom fully supports digital migration processes and screenshot reviews which allows any PROs to be used digitally as well as on paper.

Why Companies Trust Transcom

Transcom’s PRO department specializes in validation and country-specific adaptation of psychiatric scales, quality of life (QoL) questionnaires and similar instruments.

Our unmatched resources include:

  • Local teams for every country and language, composed of native-speaking translators, back-translators and proofreaders.
  • Each team includes a clinically-active, native-speaking clinician specializing in PROs (e.g. neuropsychologist, psychiatrist, neurologist, or other specialist physician)
  • Unique work procedures based on ISPOR guidelines and TransCom’s substantial experience

We offer the most professional, accurate and meticulous end product for all types of PROs.

Quality Of Life

Quality of Life questionnaires are becoming a standard in almost every clinical trial.

Transcom recognized the importance of such instruments, and developed a unique process of cultural and linguistic adaptation which goes beyond simple translation:

  • We recognize that activities may be essential to the quality of life in one culture, may not play the same part in others.
  • Our teams make sure the local versions of the questionnaires measure quality of life as it is reflected in the local culture. For example: a weekly visit to church may be valid criteria for quality of life measurement in some cultures, while in others visits to church are uncommon under any condition.
  • Transcom’s teams of psychiatrists and experts from the required medical field make sure that the questionnaire is adapted to local culture, yet remains equivalent with the versions for other countries.

Our expertise not only allows you to get the best available product, but also saves much of your clinical team’s time. They will no longer be required to explain, clarify and verify the work of non-specialized translation agencies.

You managed to take the complexity out of our localisation process.

Digital Implementation Manager, Clinical Research Organization

Transcom was asked to provide us with trial-specific versions of very complex rating scales for a multi-national AD study. We were very satisfied: the scales in top-quality, the work performed within our tight schedule, and any questions our teams or the investigators had was answered quickly and professionally.

Senior Assessment Specialist, Worldwide Clinical Trials

Rating Scales

Many clinical trials use rating scales as an essential part of estimating the efficiency of new treatment methods.

We specialize in validation and adaptation of such instruments, from simple impression scales to complex rating instruments.

  • Every scale is reviewed by a native-speaking clinician familiar with clinical administration of the specific scale in their local language.
  • Each clinician is aided by a team of local translators and proofreaders, all experts in the local dialect.
  • Clinicians from each team constantly communicate in order to make sure equivalence is maintained between each local version.

Transcom has experience in validating the instruments for numerous clinical trials dealing with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson, ADHD, pain conditions, and many other therapeutic areas.

Among Our Clients

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    I contacted Transcom requesting an urgent translation of a large quantity of documents intended for the patients. Since there was a significant delay in receiving the documents from the study sponsor, there was much less time left to translate the documents in order to meet the submission deadlines with the Helsinki Committee. As always, Transcom went the extra mile so we could meet the schedule and submit the documents on time. I would like to thank you for the hard work, the efforts and of course for the high quality of the translations.

    Start-up Team Manager, IQVIA

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