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Empowering Patient Diversity in Clinical Trials

Drug developers and CROs often struggle to find, retain, and engage patients in their clinical trials. Furthermore, there is a growing awareness of the importance of recruiting a diverse population for the trial, which is representative of the diversity of the population that will eventually use the drug or the medical device.

 Reaching patients is a challenging venture, especially when attempting to reach patients across different regions, identities, and languages. Working with an expert language partner, who can make sure the messages intended to draw patients to the trial and keep them engaged perfectly resonate in any language, is essential to the success of this effort.

Achieving success in this endeavor demands a considerate and diligent approach, but when executed correctly, it enhances patient trust, health literacy, and the overall function and development of medical products. Language plays a crucial role in this, enabling  effective communication, engagement, and trust-building with patients, facilitating their participation and adherence to the prescribed study regimen.

The art of effective communication is nuanced, especially across different languages, yet it yields superior outcomes and data. Transcom is the right language partner, who can communicate your study across different countries, drawing participants to your trial and keeping them engaged.

Why Companies Trust Transcom

At Transcom, we’re more than just a language services provider. We’re a partner to our clients, and we’re committed to helping their patient outreach successful in every region. Our team is here to support your global and regional patient recruitment and engagement requirements.


  • Expertise and Knowledge: Our team has the experience to help you create content that resonates with patients around the world.
  • Global Reach of our Team: Our team is strategically located around the world to support global patient population and generate outreach that resonates in each specific region, considering culture, linguistics, and current trends.
  • Technical Acumen: Our team is experienced in working with various patient outreach channels: websites, videos, patient apps, and digital materials. We can work with any multimedia format and file type, which helps to streamline the adaptation process and mitigate issues. 
  • Able to Build Efficiency and Optimize Processes: Our team proactively identify opportunities to simplify localization, reducing costs and turnaround times while maintaining quality and regulatory compliance.

Support We Provide

We Specialize in International Patient Engagement

  • Internationalisation: Transcom works with our clients from the beginning of the creative process, ensuring that marketing messages consider a global population, and can readily be translated and adapted to different locales.
  • Adaptation of Multimedia Content: Tailoring language and cultural aspects of videos, designed outreach collateral, animations, and clinical gaming technologies to enhance engagement within target communities and promote health literacy and study protocols in any language.
  • Application and Website Localisation: Adapting websites, applications, and portals into different languages to improve diverse patients’ understanding of their health and empower them to make informed decisions.

Transcom was essential in helping us reach our recruitment goals. The materials they created really worked in each country we targeted, and we were pleased to see patients excited about taking part in the study and well-informed about the study processes

Clinical Research Manager, Global CRO

We really appreciate your efforts, which allows us to engage and support our patients around the world.

Education and Awareness Director, Global Pharmaceutical Company

Making a Difference

Fostering Health Equality

Patient engagement and diversifying study participants are essential for improving global health equity. Healthcare organizations have an obligation to engage and support patients with diverse backgrounds who have historically been underserved, overlooked, and are often underrepresented.

Engaged patients are less likely to drop out of clinical trials and are more likely to provide factual information, which supports the accuracy and integrity of clinical study. Health literacy is essential and communicating in the patient’s language provides them with an understanding of their treatment options to make more informed decisions regarding their health.


Among Our Clients

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    I contacted Transcom requesting an urgent translation of a large quantity of documents intended for the patients. Since there was a significant delay in receiving the documents from the study sponsor, there was much less time left to translate the documents in order to meet the submission deadlines with the Helsinki Committee. As always, Transcom went the extra mile so we could meet the schedule and submit the documents on time. I would like to thank you for the hard work, the efforts and of course for the high quality of the translations.

    Start-up Team Manager, IQVIA

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